Free Fruit in your suburb for kids!

imagine this walking down the street and being able to just grab a piece of fruit from anyone's nature strip. This maybe possible.

i am going to plant a fruit tree on my nature strip and i would like to see if anyone from Moriac would join in to help this project come reality.I recommend planting these fruit trees in the end of spring (November.)

Here are some tips to help care and plant-first you must have the plant in a area were it gets at least 6-8 hours of sunlight then you must make the hole a little bit bigger then the roots or bulb also it can have at most 70ml of water at least 40ml of water (for more info visit my smart garden)Smart garden

I will have posters around Moriac about the fruit trees and the website also if you want to know more come to Moriac green fields drive number 46.